How To Play Jhandi Munda online game

Jhandi Munda is a great Indian game that excites all players. Thus, you should learn how to play Jhandi Munda game if you have no idea how Jhandi Munda play goes. Luckily, we have created this guide to help you study it fast. Using this guide, you will learn almost every aspect you should know about Jhandi Munda.


Jhandi Munda is a dice game that is played using six dice bearing six sides each. This game is also referred to as Crown and Anchor in many parts of the world. In Nepal, they call it Langur Burja. Fortunately, this game is easy to play, and you can find it in the top casinos in India. Thus, you can earn profits from playing Jhandi Munda online but first know how to play Jhandi Munda. Keep reading this guide to learn how to play Jhandi Munda online for money and other aspects of the game.

How to play Jhandi Munda and win

Playing Jhandi Munda should be easy for everyone – newbies and veterans alike. Indeed, it is an easy game that may not require any technical skills to win. You will just need to do very simple tasks and use your in-born analyzing skills to bet. Here is what you must do to play this famous game.

Find the right virtual casino

However, the first step in playing this game is finding where to play it. Remember, there are tons of virtual casinos offering this game. Therefore, finding the right site that offers impressive services is not always easy. Casinos are different, and some of them do not even offer services that are good. Thus, you will have to go through a scrutiny process to find the best pick. However, you can still check out the casinos we have endorsed on this site. We have checked and tried to make sure you will get the best services. Here is a quick review of the factors to consider when finding the best casino.

  1. Licensing – the casino you want must have a genuine license from the authorities. For example, it should possess a Curaçao gaming authority license or another body. You can check licensing details on the homepage of each casino.

  2. Payment options – you should join a virtual casino that allows you to use your preferred payment method. On top of that, the methods for uploading funds should be fast and secure. Find out if the casino employs SSL encryption to guard player data, transactions, etc. Also, it should accept Indian rupees as a currency for making deposits and cashouts.

  3. Safety and security – you should play games at safe sites. Remember, your data needs to be safe, and all your transactions should be processed without interference. As stated above – in the payment options – the site should have some kind of protection to guard the info and the monetary transactions. Also, the site should not be involved in the selling of user info to firms whose intention is to utilize such details to promote their products. This is a bad idea, and it should never be allowed.

  4. Live casino – you will play live online Jhandi Munda on the casino you will select. Therefore, it is worth noting that the site must have a live dealer section. If it does not provide its gamers with a live game lobby, it would be better to continue with your search.

  5. Promos & bonuses-A casino with offers for both new gamers and the existing ones should be your top choice. Remember, these bonuses will add more money to your bankroll. This means that you can utilize the bonus money to play or learn some available Jhandi Munda games. Only go to the casino that will provide you with extra money for playing.

  6. Mobile compatibility or App – the casino should possess a mobile version that caters to gamers that use mobile devices such as tablets and phones. The site should be customized to make sure the games play well on these devices. On top of that, you should be able to access the entire game collection, bonuses, customer service, and all other casino features on the mobile site. Alternatively, the casino should at least own a mobile app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

  7. Game collection – in our case, the casino should have many variations of Jhandi Munda. That way, it will be easier for a player to select the Jhandi Munda cash game version they want to enjoy. On top of that, it is even better to have the live casino section as mentioned above. Besides, there should be other games in their hundreds to ensure players can get everything they need.

  8. Customer service – you will eventually require help from the operator of the casino, and the customer service will come in handy. That is why you must take a look or investigate if the casino has responsive customer service. Besides, they should have various ways to get in touch with them, such as phone, live chat, and email. Lastly, it is good to have a dedicated FAQ section with comprehensive answers. This will help gamers find details easily instead of calling customer service for small issues.

Use handy Jhandi Munda tricks

It will be a nice idea if you can find some handy Jhandi Munda tricks for playing Jhandi Munda. However, you can still get the pointers from the web or YouTube videos. Using these useful tips can help improve the chances of emerging a winner in the game.

Playing the game

It is time to play the Jhandi Munda game. In this section, we will go through a round of the game to help you better learn how to play Jhandi Munda in casino. Basically, the game involves 6 x 6-sided dice. These dice have symbols such as a club, a diamond, a face, a spade, a heart, and a flag instead of numbers. You can Jhandi Munda online against a dealer or with a maximum of six gamers.

This is how it goes; one or more bet symbols will be face up after the roll. Note that you will receive your payout depending on the Jhandi Munda casino game rules and the current paytable. Look at this pay table:

  • 1 Jhandi- gives you the bet back plus x1 times the bet

  • 2 Jhandi -gives you the bet back plus x2 the bet.

  • 3 Jhandi- gives you the bet back and 3 times your bet.

  • 4 Jhandi – gives your bet back plus x4 your bet.

  • 5 Jhandi- gives you the initial bet back and 5 times your bet.

  • 6 Jhandi- gives you the bet back plus 6 times your bet.

Jhandi Munda Aim

As stated earlier, do not expect to find online Jhandi Munda quite complicated. It is not, and you will even laugh at the initial perceptions you had about it. Usually, you will be expected to make your bet regarding the symbol, out of the six, that will appear the most when the dice are rolled. Thus, if the symbol you have chosen appears many times, you will win according to its times.

The dices have Hindi names on them, and this is what you should know about them:

The flags are referred to as Jhandi. And others are as follows:

  1. Spade – Hukum

  2. Hearts – Paan

  3. Clubs – Chriya or Chiri

  4. Diamonds – Eent

  5. Anchors – langur

  6. Crowns – Munda or Mukut or Burja.

  7. Hot symbols – symbols that appear the most.

  8. Cold symbols – symbols appearing least.

You will be placing bets on these symbols that will appear face-up many times.

Jhandi Munda game rules

This dice game involves luck to win. However, there are some rules or guidelines you should be aware of as you learn how to play Jhandi Munda. Usually, casino games have certain Jhandi Munda rules that should follow to the last word. Thus, always be keen while starting to play a new game or simply a game you have not played before.

The dice have 6 different symbols that guide your Jhandi Munda play, namely:

  1. Spade

  2. Flag

  3. Heart

  4. Face

  5. Diamond

  6. Club

The dice will be rolled once you click to start the round in the online casinos. There will be six boxes to click on, the one you think will appear the most. These boxes represent each of the 6 symbols and will be shown on each box to ensure you make the right picks.

Depending on the number of symbols you have chosen that appear face up, you will get paid. For example, if you have chosen the flag, and it appears four times, you will get the best amount and four times the initial bets. We will explain this better in the payouts section.

The board and dice

The Jhandi Munda online game board is just a tabletop that bears six parts. Each of the sections of the board has six symbols, namely; the spade, the heart, the flag, the diamond, the club, and the crown. The dice are usually six, and each of them has the symbols mentioned above painted on them.

The board and the dice are the main equipment required in this game. Players place bets on the board that displays their symbol, while the dealer throws all the dice at the board. Evidently, this is a game that depends on luck, but if you employ a bit of tactic, you may win more than others.

Hot & cold symbols

This game is incredibly easy, and the online casinos will help you keep track of the hot and cold symbols. The online casinos have a section where they display the symbols that appear the most and the least. The hot symbols are the symbols that appear the most when the dice are rolled, while the cold symbols appear the least.

Using the cold and hot symbols, you can come up with a bet as you play Jhandi Munda online. Ideally, you can decide to bet on the cold symbols, hoping that the pattern might change. Alternatively, you can just go for the hot symbols, but remember this is a game of chance. Therefore, we cannot claim or guarantee you that only the hot symbols will win in the game’s next rounds.

Jhandi Munda bet options

This section will review the various bets you can make in Jhandi Munda. Usually, casino games involve bet options that you choose from. However, Jhandi Munda how to play is very straightforward and somehow different. Notably, this game does not have tons of bet options for players.

Usually, you are required to place your bet after picking just one symbol that you think will appear the most face up when the dice are rolled. You are allowed to select the amount of bet you would like to engage in the game. The bet limits may not be similar because there are variants of the game. However, you can choose to place small bet amounts or opt for the highest bets, typically known as the high roller bets.

Can I increase the bet size?

Yes, once the Jhandi Munda online game round is over, it is possible for you to increase the amount or size of your bet. For example, if you bet 50 INR, you can make it 100 INR in your next bet. Increasing the bet means that you can earn higher profits. However, this will be possible if you can have a Jhandi Munda game play online in a casino with great odds. That way, it will be easy to earn tons of money from your gaming.

Jhandi Munda game odds

Every gamer wants to play Jhandi Munda in casinos with good RTP on the online games. That is why it is crucial to crosscheck the site or read reviews to learn how to play Jhandi Munda online casino game and about its odds. Luckily, this game offers a good RTP of about 97.14% that you can rely on. The house edge remains at only 2.86%. Thus, you can engage in this game, and you can always enjoy the good payouts when you win in the round.

Usually, Jhandi Munda games with great odds have a high potential for making profits. Also, you will need to make good bets that can earn you nice payouts, considering the awesome odds available. Employ skills, luck, and much more to take advantage of the good odds offered in various sites.


Payouts are good when playing this game. And here is a quick overview of what you can expect:




1: 1


2: 1


3: 1


4: 1


5: 1


6: 1

This table gives a clear overview of the payout you should expect in playing this famous game. Ideally, this game involves guessing the symbol that you believe will appear the most. You will get payouts accordingly, as shown in the table above. Each of the symbols possesses one in six chances of landing. As you can see, the payout is quite promising. Therefore, it would be best to employ tactics and tips to ensure you emerge victoriously.

Limits of Jhandi Munda

Well, you can set your playing limits in various ways. However, it is upon you to decide on the number of bets you can make. Remember, the bet will determine the payout amounts you have placed. Thus, higher bets will attract more profits.

However, you will need to learn about the minimum and the highest bets that you can make while playing this game on various sites. The limits may vary from site to site. However, the most important thing is to make sure you are aware of them. This will help you to make the right bets and win.

Also, when you get a bonus, consider its lowest and highest bet amounts. This knowledge will help you make the right decisions based on the terms and conditions of the offer. Additionally, it is upon you to set it when it comes to casino bankroll. Have a clear budget for the gaming needs. Do not go beyond the budget limits because this will adversely affect your finances. Use the casino tools if you are not well-versed in setting your own limits. Most casinos have limited tools to help you play responsibly.

Winning potential in Jhandi Munda

Apart from the fun aspect of any casino game, you also would want to churn some profits. Thus, it is worth noting that Jhandi Munda can give you good returns since it is a typically profitable game. Indeed, this game offers better winning chances compared to most online games. For example, you can even grab or leverage an RTP of a whopping 97.14% in Jhandi Munda.

You can play Jhandi Munda online with your friends just for fun. Besides, you can opt to play the game with real money bets. Eventually, you may win lots of cash that you can cash out to invest in other profitable ventures. However, you will need to study it first, use a Jhandi Munda win trick, and play responsibly to make sure you have a good experience.

Variations of Jhandi Munda

Online casino games have variations with unique features and additional betting options. These variations come as a result of serial transformation since the initial version of the game. Ideally, developers keep trying to make the gamer better, more fascinating, with better rules, additional betting options, and other features. The main objective of creating better versions of the game is to improve the player’s gaming experience in various virtual casinos.

Traditional Jhandi Munda

This is a type of game in which you just predict the symbol that will appear face up the most times when the dice are rolled. The wins, in this version, will rely on the number of symbols you guessed right. This means that you will have more wins if the symbol you chose appears many times.

This version of the game is also called the street version. It is the version where many pro gamers began their playing. Ideally, it is deemed right for anyone who wants to learn how to play Jhandi Munda.

Fixed returns version

You will get a fixed return of x3.4 of the initial bet in this version. This version, however, does not factor in the number of times your symbol showed face up. Thus, you can expect to earn fixed returns just as the name sounds. However, you may think that this version is the best one for you when it comes to payouts. You may be wrong or right, but it is not actually the most paying. You will have to learn a lot about it as you place your bets.

Moreover, you can always start with the street version of the game, as it is quite simple. You will get four times your bet if the symbol you had predicted appears the most times in the game. Also, you will get back the money you had wagered before the beginning of the round. Notably, these two versions may not always be present at any casino. Thus, it is upon you to research the casinos that offer both versions. Also, the rules may not be the same for both versions. Thus, try to study each of them separately.

Jhandi Munda Tactics

Useful Jhandi Munda winning formula can help you achieve more than you think in Jhandi Munda. Notably, the fact that this is a game of chance leaves everything to luck. However, we can still add luck by employing a few tactics. Remember, you should play the game optimistically. Thus, adding some playing tactics will be more useful in improving your gaming confidence and your winning chances too.

Understand the game

The first thing you need to learn fast is the game. Make sure you know the game properly before you can begin to make real money bets. Ideally, using the free versions of what many people call demo versions of the game can help you learn how to play Jhandi Munda. Most importantly, understand the various terms used in the game. This will help you master the game well.

Check out any offers for playing the game. Find out if there are special promos or even bonuses dedicated to Jhandi Munda gamers to leverage them.

Know the game variations

Most casino games come in variations that gamers should understand. Jhandi Munda is not left out as it has variations to choose from. Some variants might have additional bets to choose from. Thus, it is a good idea to understand the variants and ensure you learn how to play Jhandi Munda online casino game.

Avoid playing patterns

Notably, the odds of the next roll will not change. Thus, it is a bad idea to play patterns. The flag might appear many times in this round, but its appearance dwindles in the next rolls. This is the exact reason why you should not rely on such a pattern. If you would like to rely on the cold or hot symbols, the casino will display them for you. However, they should just be a guide, but not ultimate bet picks.

Employ a tactical money management plan

Every casino adventure requires solid money management skills. Remember, playing casino games blindly might erase all the zeros in your account and leave you with nothing to play with. This is why you must keep watch on the money you intend to spend, your losses, and your winnings.

Set a limit on the amount of money you are willing to lose, and you will not go past it. Note that draining your bankroll while chasing after losses is a fatal idea. It will just leave you depressed, and you will eventually lose more than you expected. Therefore, set your budget for daily or weekly money expenditure on your gaming spree at the casino. You will have a good Jhandi Munda experience.

How to win Jhandi Munda in casino?

Just like other games that depend on pure chance, Jhandi Munda lies in the same category and requires luck and a bit of strategy to win. Its nature, however, somehow makes it hard to crack using certain strategies. However, expert gamers have come up with some tactics to offer themselves an edge over the casino.

Thus, winning is not as difficult as you perceive it. We cannot say that you will be a lucky person every day. However, we can share a few ideas on how to play Jhandi Munda casino game. If you really aspire to win, you should leverage these features to the fullest;


Honestly, online casinos provide you with various free money that you can use for gaming. In most cases, new players receive a fantastic welcome package to help them start easily and with something to leverage. Thus, they use it to learn how to play Jhandi Munda and even to study how some of the casino’s features work.

Existing gamers can take advantage of the reload bonuses, weekly cashback, live casino bonuses, weekly promos, etc. Ideally, these bonuses are provided to ensure you have more bankroll than you actually have in your account. You can play more with less. Thus, you should always claim the offers at the online casino. Use the bonus money to play Jhandi Munda online, and you will stand a good chance of earning profits.

Notably, there is something we must mention: the bonus terms & conditions. Always check out the terms surrounding every bonus you intend to activate. These terms and the conditions should be fully met before you can cash out the profits you have earned while using the bonus money. You can find such terms on the casino’s promo or bonus page. Besides, look at the validity period to be sure you can wager it successfully within the said period.

Use betting limit tools

Limit your losses while playing games. Remember, too many losses can drain your finances and may make you feel worried and not willing to continue playing. Thus, it would be best if you used betting limit tools to keep a check on the losses you make. This will help you stay on the right gaming course and maintain your gaming spirits. Remember, you need a sober mind to win. Therefore, try to set limits for your gaming losses.

Dice patterns

Truly, dices are random, but there are cases where some numbers might appear lesser or higher than the rest. This dice bias can help you win if you study the numbers that appear more frequently. Remember, this is a game that relies on chance, and the number that seems to be more frequent might be your only chance. Learn the hot and cold numbers in the game, and you will play Jhandi Munda online and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.


Check out these comprehensive and useful frequently asked questions about Jhandi Munda.

Is Jhandi Munda a game of pure chances or just skill?

It is a game of chance, just like the rest of the casino games. However, the use of some proven skills or tactics can help you emerge victoriously.

How can I emerge victorious in the Jhandi Munda games?

Make sure you make the right Jhandi Munda bets. Use tips, strategies, and any other useful skill to make the right moves, and you may eventually win.

Can I play virtual Jhandi mundi game real cash?

Yes, it is possible for you to engage in real money bets while still you play Jhandi Munda online on a mobile device. However, remember that you will need a bankroll, luck, and a few strategies to help you win.

Is Jhandi Munda accessible on mobile?

Yes, you can play this game on the mobile device of your choice. For example, if you have an android tablet, you can use it to play Jhandi Munda.

Which is the top tactic or strategy for playing Jhandi Munda?

Note that there are various Jhandi Munda strategies. All of them are great, but may not work for everyone. That is why it is good to test them and pick the one you deem the best for playing Jhandi Munda.

Can you make money by playing Jhandi mundi game?

Yes, you can earn profits every time you make the right predictions in the Jhandi Munda cash game. Solely, only the right bets payout after the win. The wrong ones make you lose your money.