Jhandi Munda Online Game in India

Jhandi munda game is one of the games widely played in India and other parts of the world. It is just like other native games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, etc. In the past, players would enjoy the game with their friends or family in certain spots. However, there have been huge changes, and casinos have gone online. This means the game can be found in various virtual casinos, and you can try the Jhandi munda game download and play it for real cash.

However, the best thing to do would be to know how to play Jhandi munda and then find the best casino. Happily, we have created this review to help grasp the game’s terminologies, how to play it, its rules, and much more. Remember, you need a lot of info to help you fully know how to undertake this Indian game.

What is the meaning of Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance that involves the use of six cards, each with six sides. Each of the six sides has symbols on which you predict the one that will face up the most when the dealer rolls the dice. It involves a board and the dice as the main equipment.

The game offers different versions, such as free and premium ones. In the free versions, you can play without wagering real cash. However, you will not win real cash. Ideally, this type or version works best for new gamers who just want to learn how the game is played. Thus, you can practice the Jhandi munda online game using the free or the so-called demo versions.

The premium version demands real money bets to play. Thus, you have to add funds to the casino account to place your bets. Notably, it involves up to six gamers, and each of them must wager real cash to be part of the game round. Before playing this version, you should have practiced using the free version. This type involves real money, and you will win if you have learned how it is played.


Jhandi mundi game originated from Arunachal Pradesh. Gradually, it reached Nepal, Bangladesh, and Bhutan. Typically, it was played during festivals like Dashami, Dashain, and Tihar. It is also related to Sic bo, the Chinese game. It is similar to the European crown & anchor game.

Advantages of Online Jhandi Munda

You have stories of people going to high-end casinos to play games. However, you should have asked yourself why they should spend so much money when they can just access the game and Jhandi munda play on their mobile devices. Perhaps the fun, drinks, music, or ambiance excites them while playing at the real casino. But it is still a good idea to find it online and play Jhandi munda.

As usual, playing any casino game online has many benefits. This section unveils such perks that you need to leverage. Remember, you can play the game right on the PC or the portable device that you prefer the most. Here are the perks you are set to leverage if you choose to play online:

Low cost

Traveling to the physical gaming houses is a costly affair. That’s why we recommend you play the game on the websites created to offer the online game version. You will not have to spend any dime on commuting, drinks, costly suits, and much more. You can even enjoy the game wearing some shorts at home or anywhere else. The only money you will require is for placing the bets.


Online casinos are famed for the convenience they provide to all gamers. Indeed, every gamer loves the fact that they can just log in to the casino account and start playing any time of the day. They can still play Jhandi munda from any part of the Indian country. This is what we refer to as the aspect of convenience, and it really makes online gaming accessible to almost everyone. Thus, you can enjoy this perk by accessing the game at any moment and from any part of the world using the mobile device you own. You can even visit a cyber café near you to play the games and still enjoy wins.

Safe banking options

You will not have to carry loads of cash to play a Jhandi mundi game in a virtual casino. Using the safe and secure payment options accepted at the site makes it fast. In fact, the deposits will appear in your account instantly. On top of that, you can cash out and wait for not more than a day to receive the Indian rupees in your wallet or bank account. Notably, the sites use a security measure called SSL encryption that protects your money transactions. This means that the deposits and the withdrawal transactions are not accessible by unauthorized cybercriminals.

Presence of variants

The virtual world offers the ability to have multiple variants of online Jhandi munda on the same website. This aspect makes it easy for you to select the game variant you would want to play. On top of that, you can still enjoy the live Jhandi Munda at the casino you have selected. Thus, we can conclude that only casinos offer you the ability to choose the variant you want to play.

Use of portable devices

Jhandi mundi game is available online and allows you to access it virtually, making it ideal for mobile device users. You can log in to the casino account, add money, and then Jhandi munda play using a portable device such as smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. This factor makes it possible to carry your small device and play the Jhandi munda games while traveling, basking on the sandy beaches, or anywhere else.


The online casinos will excite you with the awesome bonuses they offer to you. In fact, the moment you join the casino, you will leverage a generous welcome offer. This welcome offer can be used to learn the game or play it if you already know how to. Notably, you can only find bonuses and regular promos in the online world of gaming. That is why you should opt to engage in Jhandi Munda gaming on the right virtual casino.

Cheap live dealer Jhandi Munda

You may be amazed to find out that playing the live version of online Jhandi munda is not an expensive deal. Unlike physical casinos, the online counterparts allow gamers to play live games for low wagers. Thus, it is not just another high roller Jhandi munda cash game that a few individuals access.

Quick help

You can seek help from the reliable customer service team at any time of the playing session. For example, if you face struggles with your cashouts, you can email, call, or even better, live chat with the customer care guys to help you out. Typically, they get to you within a short time, which makes it possible for you to continue with your gaming adventures.

The terminology used in Jhandi Munda



Jhanda or Jhandi

Represents the flag symbol on the dice


The person who bets on the expected outcomes

Dealer or host

The person who announces and still makes bets.

Hot symbol

A symbol that appears many times

Cold symbol

The symbol that appears the least times


A heart symbol on the dice


The diamond symbol on the dice


Club symbol on the dice


Spade symbol


Refers to the anchor in Hindi

Munda or burj or mukut

Crown symbol on the dice


How to play and place bets in Jhandi Munda?

Playing Jhandi munda original is incredibly simple. You just need to predict the possible outcomes of the six dice. Ideally, you should state which of the six symbols will appear face up the most. Thus, if you bet that Jhandi will show up the most times and it appears three times, you will get paid according to the payout table below.

Jhandi munda rules

This game involves six dice, each with six sides, and each side has a symbol on it. The gamer should predict which symbol, out of the six, will show face up many times after a roll. The symbols include:

  • Spade

  • Flag

  • Crown

  • Heart

  • Diamond

  • Face

Usually, you can bet on the diamond, and if it appears three times face up, you will be given your bet back plus three times the initial bet.


This is what the payouts look like:



One Jhandi

Your bet + 1 times your bet

Two Jhandi

Your bet + 2 times your bet

Three Jhandi

Your bet + 3 times your bet

Four Jhandi

Your bet + 4 times your bet

Five Jhandi

Your bet + 5 times your bet

Six Jhandi

Your bet + 6 times your bet

RTP (Return to Player)

Jhandi Munda offers a great RTP of about 97.14%, while the house gets 2.86%. Typically, your chances will be capped at 48 – 52, meaning that you can earn profits from playing real cash Jhandi Munda.

Strategies for playing Jhandi Munda

These are the tactics for winning at Jhandi Munda:

  1. Observe the hot and cold symbols to help you predict.

  2. Manage your losses.

  3. Play responsibly.

Free Jhandi Munda or for Real Money

You can choose to play the free version if you:

  • Are new and want to learn the game.

  • Want fun gaming.

  • Want to practice a certain new strategy.

You should engage in real cash Jhandi Munda if:

  • You know how to play the Jhandi munda cash game.

  • You have money to spend on playing

  • You intend to make profits from gaming.

Variations of Jhandi Munda

The Jhandi Munda has two unique variants, namely:

  • The traditional Jhandi Munda

  • Fixed return Jhandi Munda

Live Jhandi Munda

Casinos offer live Jhandi Munda with a live dealer. You can find it in the live casino lobby. However, keep in mind that it will need higher bets but offers a unique gaming experience.

Best Mobile Jhandi Munda Apps

Here are the top apps for Jhandi munda online game:

  • Betway – 100% bonus of up to 60 000 INR

  • Pure Win- 100% bonus of up to 15 000 INR

  • 22Bet- 100% Bonus of up to 25 000 INR

  • JeetPlay- 100% bonus of up to 70 000 INR

  • 10Cric- 150% bonus of up to 20 000 INR

Payment Options

You can use various safe & secure ways of adding and cashing out funds in the casino while playing Jhandi Munda. As stated in the casino selection section below, you need a casino that offers a variety of payment options. For example, the casino can offer options like:

  • Netbanking

  • Bank Transfer

  • Visa

  • Skrill

  • Cryptocurrency

  • Neteller, etc.

Jhandi Munda Fantastic Bonuses

Usually, virtual casinos have fantastic promos and bonuses for gamers. For example, new gamers get a welcome bonus. This bonus is a gift for choosing to play Jhandi Munda games at a specific casino. On top of that, you will still enjoy more offers while playing games at the site. These are some of the offers to expect:

  1. Reload bonuses

  2. No deposit bonuses

  3. Cashback offers

  4. VIP bonuses

  5. Live dealer bonus

  6. Weekend promos, etc.

However, bear in mind that they come along with terms and conditions that must apply as you use them. Thus, always go through the fine print of the bonus just before you click the activation button or link.

Is it legally okay to play Jhandi Munda games in India?

Yes, you can enjoy the Jhandi Munda online game at the casino you have chosen without being arrested. The casinos have licenses and are aware that Indians can play various online games freely because it is allowed. Remember, this is a game that is native to our country. Thus, feel free to play it as it is authorized.

Virtual Gaming Vs. Live Casino Gaming

Virtual gaming offers a good experience to gamers that like the usual bets. It is cheap to play, and you can access it easily in the casinos. In most cases, virtual gaming is available in almost all casinos. However, live gaming is a bit different, and here is a quick comparison of the two:

Virtual Gaming

Live Casino Gaming

It is cheap in terms of bets

Its bets attract huge sizes

Its RTP is average

Live games have incredible RTPs

offers 3D games

Offers full HD streaming

Offers games with casino RNG

Avails games with a live dealer

You can’t live chat

It offers live chat during the game


Where to play online Jhandi munda

Many Indian casinos allow you to play this game. Indeed, most casinos offer numerous variations of the game. You can play it at these casinos;

  • Jeetwin Casino: this is the best Jhandi munda casino with good bonuses for playing Jhandi Munda. Besides, it offers variants of the game with good RTPs.

  • Pure Win: this is yet another recommended option for Jhandi Munda playing. It has different versions of the game, along with other natives like teen Patti. On top of that, it has bonuses, good customer care, and secure payment alternatives.

  • Casino Days: it has Jhandi munda online game variants, great customer care, impressive bonuses, and great payouts.

  • Casumo Casino: you can find the variant you want to play right on this site. Besides, you will get bonuses and still enjoy great returns in the games.

  • 10Cric Casino: it has the versions of Jhandi Munda and other Indian-native games. On top of that, you will have access to impressive promos, a reliable customer help center, and much more.

Selecting the best Jhandi munda casino

We have tons of good casinos in India where you can play the Jhandi Munda game. Sadly, all these casinos are not great choices for you. Some have issues with payment to players, while others do not offer services that are reliable. Thus, it would be a great idea to start your Jhandi Munda gaming journey by finding the right casino.

Excitingly, we have recommended the best Jhandi munda casino for you. These online casinos have all the qualities or factors we will discuss in this section. Thus, you can just pick any of them and start playing.

The following are the primary consideration factors for choosing casinos. You can have a few candidates on board to select the right one using the criteria shared below.

  1. Licensing- the right online casino should hold a valid license that permits them to offer gaming services. Besides, this license is proof that the casino is legit and adheres to the gaming rules and regulations stipulated and presented to them by the relevant bodies. If the casino fails to reward you with the winnings you have accrued, you can reach out to the licensing board to raise claims. Then the board shall intervene to make sure you get your pay. If the casino lacks a license, you may lose your money and winnings, and you will have no one to intervene.

  2. Game Selection- as stated earlier, casinos offer a wide selection of popular games. For example, casinos offer variants of Jhandi Munda. They also provide you with different versions of other games such as roulette, Andar Bahar, or even teen Patti. Thus, find a casino that has the different Jhandi Munda variations. You will need to try several versions to find the one that suits you the most. Also, confirm that you can start with a demo version of the casino you have chosen. Note that not all sites offer demo versions. Therefore, you have to read reviews of the casino to find out if it really has free versions, especially if you are a new gamer.

  3. Payment options- you will surely want to add more Indian rupees to the account to wager in Jhandi Munda. Thus, you need a sure way to do so. Luckily, Indian casinos have partnered with Various payment processing firms to facilitate the transactions of money to and from the casino accounts. It is upon you to check out the payment options accepted at the site you intend to play Jhandi munda games at. In most cases, the casinos have more than five banking options such as Net banking, visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, etc.

  4. Jhandi munda apps – it is okay to play the games on the mobile version of the site. In fact, you will have full access to all the features, bonuses, and everything else the casino offers. On top of that, you will still enjoy the same games you can find at the casino. However, it will be a plus if the casino has a mobile app that you can download from the relevant app store. Remember, the aspect of gaming convenience heavily relies on the compatibility of the site to mobile devices or the availability of mobile apps for the casinos.

  5. Customer help center- casinos allow gamers to seek help when they feel stuck. In most cases, they have a team of professionals that handle customer queries, complaints, and other small issues. The best way to reach them is via phone call or the live chat function available on the casino pages. In most cases, they have email addresses that cater to users with complex matters that take a few days to find solutions. Thus, you should settle for a virtual casino that provides its users with a responsive customer service team. That way, you will never be stranded and still lack someone to hold your hand.

  6. Languages Available- you should enjoy the Jhandi munda play at a site that uses a language you can understand. For example, if you only understand Hindi, you can only enjoy gaming at a website that offers Hindi as one of the available languages. However, if you understand English, you can play the games in any casino because it is offered in almost all casinos in India.

  7. Gaming tools- casinos have various tools to help you gamble responsibly or improve your gaming experience. For example, casinos have gaming limit tools that help you track your gaming expenditure. It tells you to stop or reduce your gaming activities when a particular level is reached. Also, you can use tools for live gaming feeds and others.

  8. Good reputation- we cannot entirely emphasize the need to choose well-reputed casinos in India. Typically, casinos that offer exceptional gaming services gain a good reputation across the country. Thus, it gains great reviews on the internet, on social media, and even amongst our friends and family. It is easier to find out if the casino has a good reputation from your friends or on the internet by reading the site’s reviews.

  9. Live gaming lobby- you should find a casino with a live game lobby. The live versions of Jhandi Munda online game are available at the live casino lobby. Thus, you have to find out if the casino has such a dedicated lobby before you can create your gaming account.

  10. Availability of promos- online casinos have bonuses for new and old gamers. The new gamers can leverage the welcome offer, while the old gamers can take advantage of the other offers such as reload bonuses, cashback, etc. Thus, you should check out if the casino offers impressive promos to gamers. It will be easy for you to find these details on the homepage of the casino or the reviews on the internet. Notably, you can utilize the offers in learning the game or playing real cash games. However, they come with specific terms and conditions that apply the moment you claim up to when you need to cash out winnings earned while using it.

Using these factors, it will be simple to find a casino that suits your gaming needs. Notably, none of these aspects is better or has more weight than the rest. You should consider all of them since they all make the right casino for gaming.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply the best tactic in Jhandi munda?

You just need to understand the Jhandi Munda win trick that suits your Jhandi Munda gameplay and use it several times every day. Eventually, you will get used to the strategy, and it will be easy for you to apply it every time you are playing games.

Can I enjoy the Jhandi munda cash game in Hindi?

Yes, you can find casinos that offer Hindi as one of the languages supported by its system. If you find the right one, you will be able to do everything on the site in Hindi.

Which is the best casino for jhanda munda?

Genesis Casino is a good option for anyone who wants to play Jhandi Munda. It has bonuses for you and other impressive perks for dedicated gamers. On top of that, its customer service is remarkable, while the site works well on both the app and the mobile site.

Can I play real cash online, Jhandi Munda?

Yes, you can enjoy the fun game and still make money as you play it on the mobile. You can wager real cash and earn profits from this potentially lucrative online game.

How to always earn from Jhandi Munda?

You will need to find the best casino, use your strategy, utilize bonuses, and play the Jhandi munda game without adhering to unproven patterns. Things may take a turn unexpectedly and leave you with huge losses.

Is online Jhandi Munda rigged?

No, it is not possible, and no one should try it because the casino is legal and highly regulated by well-reputed authorities.

Can I play the Jhandi munda online game on a mobile device?

Yes, you can use a mobile device like phones and tablets to join a casino that offers the Jhandi munda game. Using these devices, it is possible to create an account, add Indian rupees to the account, wager on the game, and win.